Build.  Race.  Inspire.  Those three words are an easy way to define Spooner Tuner.  If you're not building something innovative you fail to add value to yourself and those around you.   If you're unwilling to race what you build you fail to move forward and take risks.   If you don't take risks you fail to inspire others to follow in your footsteps.    




Honda — We are proud of our partnership with Honda continued support we have with them.

Porsche — We have only just recently started working with Porsche products and are exited to develop truly innovative race proven performance parts for their products.

Spoon Sports — We have been working with Spoon Sports for the last couple years and it has been truly inspiring to learn from them and work with them.  They have a long history of track proven developed line of parts which inspires us to follow in their foot steps. 



Spooner Tuner was founded by David Spooner II back in 2005 with the intention to provide the highest quality service and parts possible.  David's tuning background stems from Honda when he bought a 1981 Honda Accord Hatchback 2Dr for $250 in 1996.  The Accord was so beat up that he had to strap the hood down just to keep it closed.  Needless to say the car never died and after driving it across the US he sold it a couple years later with over 300k miles on its original motor.  From that time on he's been a Honda guy for life and has done a variety of engine swaps and built high horse power D-series B-Series and K-series engines that have been naturally aspirated, nitrous injected and turbo charged.  He has competed in Road racing, auto-crossing, drag racing  as well as 25 hour endurance racing.  



"True genius in motion!" — Import Tuner Magazine

"SpoonerTuner is a modern day tuners's utopia. " — Honda Tuning Magazine

"An unforgettable time that inspired a new relationship with racing. " — Salomondrin

"It's a true pleasure to be working with Spooner on my Porsche 718 project.  Hi is a car wizard as well as a good friend. " — Noah Cleeton





Spooner Tuner

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