We will be posting more about our projects soon.  Read more below. 


How we got HERE

The CARs

David Spooner's 1991 Civic has been a living legend from the very beginning.  He swaped the original non-vtec D15 engine out and it's had a D16Y5/8 engine in it ever since.  It was his first engine swap and he's been developing it ever since.  It's currently boosted at 20 psi on 100 stock sleeves (no block guard).  We also have a 1993 RHD JDM Civic SI-R we bought from Spoon Sports of Japan that should be competing soon.  Our other project that we just started working on is a 2014 Porsche 981 Cayman (more details to come on that later).  

Our Goals

The vision

Build.  Race.  Inspire.  Those three words are an easy way to define Spooner Tuner.  If you're not building something innovative you fail to add value to yourself and those around you.   If you're unwilling to race what you build you fail to move forward and take risks.   If you don't take risks you fail to inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

Future outlook

We're still just young kids dreaming big.  We will continue to push harder and reach further than our predecessors.  We know that failure is a natural part of learning and growing.  But defeat comes only to those that give up. We hope to develop truly novel race technologies and parts that ad value to our customers and the racing community around us.  For example our D16Y8 with an Integra Type-R DC2 half shaft and axles in a EF chassis.  Or how about rear mounted radiator to increase cooling capacity and free up space under the hood.   We are now working one pushing the K20A2 engine to its absolute limit.  2000whp anyone?!  Stay tuned kids.  :)

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.  -Eleanor Roosevelt.