Spoon Radiator Cap Type-F - ALL-19045-001

Spoon Radiator Cap Type-F - ALL-19045-001


This is a Genuine Spoon Radiator Cap Type-F  1.35bar (19.6psi) 

The Type F cap is suitable for most aftermarket radiators

(Type D is suitable for most factory radiators)

The Spoon Sports radiator cap functions to increase the pressure inside the radiator; the laws of physics then apply accordingly, even when the temperature of the coolant water exceeds 100°C, boiling can be avoided so gas bubbles and subsequent hot spots are avoided and increased cooling performance may be achieved.

 Type D Cap Vehicle Applications

  • 92-95 Civic (all)

  • 92-97 Delsol (all)

  • 96-00 Civic (all)

  • 02-05 Civic Si

  • 06-11 Civic (all)

  • 94-01 Integra (all)

  • 02-06 RSX (all)

  • 04-08 TSX

  • 00-09 S2000 (all)

Type F Cap Vehicle Applications

  • 88-91 Civic/CRX

  • 90-93 Integra

  • 92-01 Prelude

  • 2013+ Scion FRS

  • 2013+-Subaru BRZ


STD 1.1 increased to 1.35kgf/cm2

Spoon Part #: ALL-19045-001

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